Personal Transfers: What is new?

We have added many new features so our customers can transfer money with ease. We have added external accounts, so you can now send money to an external bank account you own. In addition we have added P2P or Person 2 Person payments, now you can send money to a friend using only their email address. Also, you can now pay your loan payment using an external account at another bank. Last but not least, we have added internal to internal transfers (i2i), now you can send money to another 1st Bank Yuma account that you do not have account ownership to.

What is 1st Bank Yuma P2P?

1st Bank Yuma P2P is a service provided to personal accounts that allows you to send money to virtually anyone who has a bank account and an email address. It is easy, convenient, secure, and fast.

What does 1st Bank Yuma P2P cost me?

Nothing. You can use 1st Bank Yuma P2P to send money at no charge.

Do I need to be a 1st Bank Yuma customer to use 1st Bank Yuma P2P?

Yes, to send money you need to be 1st Bank Yuma customer. However, the person receiving the funds does NOT need to be a customer of 1st Bank Yuma.

Who can I send funds to?

You can send funds to anyone in the United States who has an email account. For example, you can:

  • send money to friends.
  • pay an invoice to a business.
  • send money to your children in college.
  • pay your sitter.
  • pay the neighborhood lawn service.

How do I enroll to use 1st Bank Yuma P2P?

You will need to be an online or mobile banking user. Once you are enrolled for online or mobile banking, you can use 1st Bank Yuma P2P.

How do I send and receive money using 1st Bank Yuma P2P?

It is very easy to send money to a friend:

  1. Log in to online or mobile banking.
  2. Click <Person 2 Person (P2P)>.
  3. Enter the name, the amount, the email address, and a password you will share with your friend. If you have paid this friend before, we remember their information so you don't have to type it again.
  4. Now your friend receives the email, provides their bank information, and accepts the request.
  5. In a day or two, the funds will be delivered to the friend's bank account.

Is the password required to submit a P2P payment?

Yes. As an added layer of security, the password is required to ensure your designated recipient receives the funds.

Is 1st Bank Yuma P2P secure?

Security is important to 1st Bank Yuma. We do several things to ensure that your account information stays secure.

With 1st Bank Yuma P2P, neither the sender nor the receiver knows the other's bank account. The funds are not sent via mail, and a card number is not exchanged.

Can I send funds outside the USA?

No. Funds can only be sent to banks inside the United States.

Does the recipient have to have an email address?

Yes. The recipient must have an email address or know the email equivalent of their mobile phone number.

What if all I know is the person's cell number?

At this time, sending payments via a cell number is not available.

How long will it take for the recipient to receive the funds?

Normally, it takes two business days for the funds to reach the recipient after they have accepted the funds (excluding weekends and holidays).

How soon will the email alerts be sent?

Numerous email alerts may be sent. The first will be to the recipient, announcing that they have been sent money. Other alerts include being warned when the payment will soon expire.

When does the money leave my account?

The money leaves your account immediately when the receiver accepts the payment.

Will the receiver see my account number?

No. Neither party sees the other's account information.

Do I need to know the receiver's account number?

No. Both parties only need to know their own account number.

What if the receiver doesn't accept the funds?

If the receiver doesn't accept the funds within a designated time period, both the sender and the receiver will receive an email message warning them that the payment is about to expire. When a payment expires, the receiver can no longer receive those funds. The sender may choose to send a new payment.

What happens if I don't have enough money to cover the payment?

You will receive an alert telling you that you do not have sufficient funds. The receiver will also receive an email stating that there was an issue and that they should contact you to check on the payment. No information will be given to the receiver about the lack of funds.

How can I send money to an external account?

In order to send money to an external account, you must first go through the external account validation process. You will need to login to online banking and navigate to External Accounts under the transfer menu. Enter the routing and account number of the external account as well as agree to the terms. Two deposits will be sent to the external bank account. In order to verify the account you will need to know the transaction amounts and login to online banking and enter the amounts on the external account verification. Once you have verified the external account, you can now send money to that external account by scheduling a transfer at any time.

What is i2i?

This feature allows you to send money to another person who bank’s with 1st Bank Yuma. To send money using i2i (internal 2 internal) you will need to know the full account number of the recipient as well as the full legal name. This allows users to send money to another customer at 1st Bank Yuma and the funds are transferred immediately.

What is ACH Loan Pay?

ACH Loan Pay allows a 1st Bank Yuma customer to pay their loan at 1st Bank Yuma from a checking or savings account at another bank. Simply login to and select Loan Payment from the Payment & Transfers menu. You will now see the option to pay your loan payment using an external account. Simply enter the routing & account number of your deposit account and agree to the terms and conditions. Your loan payment will be processed and the external bank account will be debited for the payment.