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Q: Why is 1st Bank Yuma upgrading their software?
A: We are committed to delivering you the best possible service, and because of this, we are adapting to the industry's ever changing standard to make your banking experience quick, easy and convenient.
Q: Will the bank be closed? If so, what days will the bank be closed?
A: All branches will be closed on Saturday, August 2nd 2014. We will resume our normal hours starting Monday, August 4th 2014.
Q: Will I be able to check my balance from my Online Banking Account or from the telephone banking number?
A: You will be able to inquire balances through Online Banking during the weekend, however telephone banking will not be available beginning Friday, August 1st at 5:05 PM(PST).
Q: Will I be able to schedule a payment through Bill Pay?
A: No; Bill Pay is an extension of Online Banking and will be unavailable beginning the evening of Friday, August 1st through Sunday, August 3rd, 2014.
Q: Will I still have Online access to images of my checks and e-Statements after the change?
A: It is recommended that you download or print check images and e-statements prior to Sunday, August 3rd to ensure that you have the records you will need for research. The bank will be able to retrieve prior information for you, if needed.
Q: How will the change affect my access to Quicken, QuickBooks, etc.?
A: It is recommended that you export your information prior to Friday, August 1st to ensure that you have the records you will need for research. Three months of history will transfer to the new online banking, however the bank will be able to retrieve prior information for you, if needed.
Q: Why are you issuing an extra statement?
A: If you have transaction activity, you will receive a statement from your last cycle date through Friday, August 1, 2014 showing ending balances to keep for your records. You will continue to receive a statement on your normal cycle date thereafter.
Q: Will my ATM or Debit card work for the weekend while these improvements are happening?
A: The ATM card limits will stay the same and will be fully functional. The debit cards will also be functional, but daily limits will be lowered to $500 for Point-Of-Sale transactions; and $200 for ATM withdrawal. These limits will be in effect from Friday, August 1st at 5:05 PM(PST) - Monday, August 4th, 2014 at 9:00 AM(PST).
Q: Is there anything that I need to do?
A: No; 1st Bank Yuma is making the change and we are working hard to make these changes seamless to you.
Q: With the online banking being updated, will I need to re-register to get into my accounts online?
A: No, your Access ID / Username, passwords and security questions will stay the same.
Q: Will my account number or debit card number change?
A: We are working proactively to ensure a seamless process and in the end not burden our customers with this change. All debit card numbers and PIN numbers will stay the same.
Q: Will my loan number change?
A: Yes; Your loan number will need to reflect the number structure used by the new software company; however, we will be able to look up your account information using your old loan number.
Q: Will I continue to receive my loan statements?
A: Yes, you will also have the option, after the software update is complete, to receive e-statements instead of paper statements.
Q: Can I continue using my current loan coupon book?
A: Yes, the system will be able to read all of the old loan numbers.
Q: Will I be able to use my current Home Equity Line of Credit checks?
A: Yes, you can use the same checks; once you run out, we will order you new checks with the new account number.

For further questions or information, feel free to call your local branch:

Main Office - (928) 783-3334
Midtown Branch - (928) 783-1170
Fortuna Branch - (928) 783-3335
San Luis Branch - (928) 344-2888
Loan Production Office - (928) 344-3336