Stephen Philip Shadle (1936-2020) 

Yuma Banking Pioneer & Philanthropist

Our team at 1st Bank Yuma would like to honor the legacy of Stephen P. Shadle’s contributions to banking and philanthropy in Yuma County. Steve was instrumental in helping the Yuma banking industry grow and thrive from the 1960’s to the present day. His leadership was crucial in guiding 1st Bank Yuma to nearly 20 years of consistent and long-term success.

Banking was in the Shadle family DNA, below are some of the highlights in his banking journey.

  • His father F.T. Shadle became President of a bank in 1947 and led another bank as President in 1951
  • Steve worked as a teller in both of his father’s banks and again in college and Law School
  • After Law School in 1960, he landed a job with Valley National Bank Trust Department in Phoenix
  • His first exposure to Yuma was in 1960 where he called on and met with local bankers Roy Young and Bill Esmeier to help with “Trust Work” at their bank branches
  • Helped in the development and creation of three community banks in Yuma County
  • In 2001 helped found 1st Bank Yuma, serving as “Chairman of the Board” until 2013
  • Steve then served as “Chairman Emeritus” at 1st Bank Yuma until his passing in August 11, 2020

Steve had numerous local, state and national affiliations:

  • U.S. District Court, State Bar of Arizona, State Bar of California, State Bar of Iowa, Supreme Courts of California, Iowa, Arizona and the United States Supreme Court.
  • He has been the past president of the National Council of Agricultural Employers, Washington, D.C.
  • Past president of Yuma Union High School. Past president of Arizona Coliseum Commission. Former member and President of the board of Arizona Western College. Co-founder of the Yuma Community Foundation and Advisory Board member.
  • Inducted into the 2015 Arizona Western College Hall of Fame.
  • Arizona Community Foundation of Yuma created the “Steve and Bobbie Shadle Hero Award”, which will be awarded annually starting in 2020 in recognition of the Shadle family philanthropic efforts.

Steve would be the first to share that he could not have accomplished most of what the family achieved, without “Bobbie” his best friend, business partner/advisor and beloved wife of 63 years. Steve and Bobbie valued their community and charitable organizations. The Chamber of Commerce, Red Cross, Caballeros de Yuma, GYEDC, Rotary and countless other groups that helped make Yuma a better place to live. Steve and Bobbie were bestowed the 2009 “Philanthropist of the Year” by the Arizona Community Foundation of Yuma. The Shadle Foundation and the Shadle Charitable Trust will continue their legacy in Yuma for years to come.

1st Bank Yuma fondly remembers Stephen Philip Shadle for all of his contributions to the Yuma County banking industry and his generous philanthropic footprint. 1st Bank Yuma became the thriving successful community bank that it is today, in part because of Steve’s banking legacy and vision.