Residential Loans

Purchasing a home or refinancing your existing home loan, 1st Bank Yuma will assist you with competitive rates and favorable terms.

To apply for a residential loan, contact Theresa Wine (NMLS #235149) at (928) 344-3336.

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Fill your Conventional/VA/FHA Mortgage Loan application out now and save time

Getting a loan at 1st Bank Yuma is easy, follow these steps to get started.

1 Click on the Apply Now link below

2 Fill it out as thoroughly as possible

3 Upload the documents from the checklist below 

Required Document Checklist

  • Copy of 2021, 2022 W-2's
  • Last 2 bank statements all accounts, all pages
  • Last 2 pay stubs
  • 1 form of Government Issued ID (Driver's License, Passport, etc.)

Additional Documentation for Mortgage Application

  • Copies of your complete personal tax returns for 2021-2022
  • Copies of your complete business tax returns for 2021-2022 (if applicable)
  • Copy of Mortgage Statement of all properties
  • Copy of Homeowners Insurance of all properties
  • Copy of Tax Bills on all properties
  • Credit card number to order appraisal