Our New Website is Here!

We've been toiling away at our new website. We've been evolving, and so we felt like our site should evolve right along with us. We've been working through these changes for several months now, and we think you'll like them. Here's a quick preview.

Our Homepage

First, our new homepage. It's been rebuilt from the ground up to reflect the community we live in. From the panoramic artwork of our communities and surrounding environment, to the updated typography and content, we got all dressed up! You'll still find comfortable information about our products and services, as well as a few extras that highlight some of the involvement we have in our communities. 

Our Locations

Whether you're trying to find one of our branches, or one of our ATMs, we've made it easy for you. We've been working to make sure it's as easy as possible to access the services you know and love here at 1st Bank Yuma. 

Our Community

It's no secret that the reasons for our success live right here — it's you! We love our communities. We love working with you, playing with you, and banking with you. We're pleased to be a part of your every day, and we've included this new community page to showcase some of the spectacular events we attend, some of the fun things we see, and some of the great people we meet.


  • We started by taking a look at what was working really well for our customers — and we kept those features. But we've also been upgrading. 
  • The most-obvious change is the huge improvement to the look and feel of the website. From the subtle patterns, to the look of the buttons, we've taken great care to make sure we got the design right. It's not just about looking great, though. This site has been constructed with inclusion in mind. We're doing our best to present a beautiful website for you to engage our products, but we're also taking steps to ensure disabled users can visit our website and find the information they need. This included visually impaired, or even fine-motor-control impairments. 
  • We've also endeavored to make our site function on tons of devices so that the content looks good no matter where you're seeing it.  
  • We've taken a look at our typography, and switched it up to make sure it's highly readable, has good contrast, and good style. 
  • The underlying technologies and code of the website have been upgraded and improved to increase performance and security. 
  • Finally, we've overhauled the navigation to make it easier to find the utilities you use the most, as well as to make it easier to locate information on features you may not have used before. 
  • This has been an ongoing opportunity for us to improve the digital face of 1st Bank Yuma. We're very pleased with the results, and we are excited to share them with you.